Snippet Edit

Take control of Xcode's standard code snippets!

Looking for a way to modify Xcode's system-supplied snippets? Want to prevent some of them from showing in the Code Completion Menu in Xcode?
Snippet Edit makes it possible.

Prefer your braces on a new line when Xcode auto-completes if statements, for loops and init methods? Want tabs instead of spaces? Get Snippet Edit!

Snippet Edit can override Xcode's Standard Snippets, but does not modify Xcode itself. Editing is non-destructive, you can revert to Xcode's Standard Snippets at any time.

Modified snippets will show up as User Snippets in Xcode's Code Snippet Library. You can edit snippets in Snippet Edit or in Xcode directly, they are now under your control!


Download Snippet Edit (version 1.2.1)

Snippet Edit is a free app, enjoy!

* Snippet Edit requires Xcode version 4.3 or higher.
* Snippet Edit 1.2 adds Xcode 5.1 support.